Lika Mimika (Germany) - I 🖤 Espadrilles


As another snowstorm is howling outside my window, I'm thinking about summer and espadrilles. The last few summers I've basically worn one pair of shoes 90% of the time. That pair used to be Toms, I think they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, and then last year I got a pair of Huarachas, which are traditional shoes from Mexico, (read all about their history from this amazing man who basically dedicated his live to this). At the end of last summer I finally bought this pair of espadrilles from Lika Mimika - a German brand founded by Marijana Condic and Lisa Leipziger. I've literally had my eye on these for a couple of years before I made the purchase. They have expanded their collection with different types of sandals/slip-ons, all gorgeous, but my favorites are still their classic models. The leather is really soft, and they have a rainbow worth of colors. Highly recommend you check them out!

The stats:

  • Name: Lika Mimika
  • Founders: Marijana Condic and Lisa Leipziger
  • Country: Germany
  • Website:
  • Price point: Roughly 130-150 Euros, ship internationally
  • My favorite: The one I bought of course
  • Notes: Lisa came back from a vacation in Spain and told Marijana that they have to create a more sturdy version of the $10 espadrilles you find there. The rest is history.
  • And: For animal lovers - they also have a vegan line. I can recommend subscribing to their newsletter, they have a lot of flash sales.