She Made Me (Australia) - 70s Style Crochet Done Right


I've been wanting a crochet bikini for years and finally got one at the end of last season (which came in handy for my trip to the Dominican Republic last September, where we had to flee from Hurricane Irma). I discovered She Made Me a few months earlier, founded by Chloe Dunlop 5 years ago, and immediately was drawn to her aesthetic - not just her collection, but also her lookbooks, videos, etc - it feels very current, while the 70s vibes are of course very present.  And she offers all kinds of coverage - from supersmall to high-wasted, from triangle bra to bralettes and halters. I actually also really like her apparel - I bought the skirt which has been a staple and I can't wait to wear again. The bikini I bought was one of the more coverage ones, not the high-waisted - I actually don't see that style available currently on her site. The quality is very high - the pieces are lined, and have beautiful details - I love the tiny shells at the end of the drawstrings. One thing to keep in mind is that these pieces don't dry quickly because they are cotton and pretty thick, so take a second bikini to change into.

  • Name: She Made Me

  • Founder: Chloe Dunlop

  • Country: Australia

  • Website:

  • Price point: $$100-200

  • My favorite: The skirt

  • Notes: All pieces are hand crocheted in limited quantities by artisans in Bali. The skirt takes about six days to make.