Gabriela Artigas (Mexico) - Jewelry That Has a Bite to It

I've met the Artigas sisters (Gabriela designs, Teresita manages) when I lived in Los Angeles. They live together with their brother (who is also in the creative field) in a what I can only describe as a charismatic house, a mix of their Mexican roots and California ease. Everything is refreshingly unpretentious and feels completely organic. What I love about Gabriela's jewelry? There's a hook there, it's minimal, it's feminine but it's not cute. Or romantic. It's strong, but subtle.

  • Name: Gabriela Artigas
  • Founder: Gabriela and Teresita Artigas
  • Country: Mexico
  • Website:
  • Price point: $$50-2000
  • My favorite: The above bracelet which I bought a decade ago, her infinite tusk earring
  • Notes: Everything is produced in California. They only make limited numbers (dozens) of each piece.