Katayone Adeli (Iran) - 90s Classics That Stand the Test of Time


Katayone Adeli is Iranian born and raised in California, and unfortunately only operated her label for a few years at the end of the 90s beginning 2000s. However, you CAN get her collections online in a variety of 2nd hand sites (Ebay, Tradesy) at really great prices! Watch out for sizing: todays US 6 is a US 8 back then. Her style: classic with subtle feminine notes. I discovered her by chance when I tried on a black blazer at a friend’s vintage store - and it fit amazingly! It was hers! I researched the brand and are chasing her pieces ever since. She was a favorite of celebrities back then (Gwyneth Paltrow being one of them), and got the most kudos for her pants. She also has a diffusion line, but since you can only get her pieces used, there is really no price difference between the two labels.

  • Name: Katayone Adeli
  • Founder: Katayone Adeli
  • Country: Iran
  • Website: none at the moment
  • Price point: I get her pieces on ebay or in vintage stores. I've always paid less than $100
  • My favorite: The leather coat I am wearing here.
  • Notes: She was famous for her pants, and I can confirm that her pants are the most flattering I have ever worn. The quality of her leather is amazing, so look out for her jackets.