Martine's Dream (Africa/India) - Findings of a Global Nomad


Martine's Dream is a small boutique in Crown Heights, my neighborhood. Martine (the owner) is a global citizen with a huge heart, and is for the most part traveling around the world to bring back goods to her store. What I love about her store are not only her unique pieces, but also the community that has grown there. Every time I visit there are friends just hanging out, music is playing, and you can feel the good vibes emanating from the space. I think it took her friends some convincing to get her to open her store, because she never stays in one place for a long tie, and I am so glad they succeeded.

  • Name: Martine's Dream
  • Founder: Martine
  • Country: Africa/India
  • Website:
  • Price point: Most pieces under $100
  • My favorite: I love her scarfs!
  • Notes: Most pieces are only available in limited quantities, so if you like it, buy it immediately.