Nili Lotan (USA): The Epitome of New York Style


I stumbled upon Nili Lotan when I looked through the Spring 2019 collections. I wanted to wear almost every outfit in her lookbook. Her style is definitely New York: sophisticated, a touch of masculinity, not trying too hard. But there is also an airiness, a softness to her pieces. When I read that she was born and raised in Israel before moving to New York it made complete sense, you can feel that in her clothes.

What I like about her style is that it’s wearable. Her shirts and pants, even the more formal ones meant for work or evening, clearly have in mind that we want to feel comfortable. And she manages to do this without sacrificing an ounce of style or elegance. The sleeves are wide, fabrics are soft, pants hug your curves. These pieces just make you feel great being a woman!

Nili Lotan 😍

Nili Lotan 😍

  • Name: Nili Lotan

  • Founder: Nili Lotan

  • Country: USA

  • Website:

  • Price point: Starting at $250

  • My favorite: Her pants have an amazing fit, and I am waiting to buy one of her long slip dresses.

  • Notes: For those of us on a budget (and that includes me), her overall pricepoint is quite high. Check out therealreal, poshmark, ebay, and thredup for 2nd hand pieces, that’s where I got mine.