Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Spring 2020

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Spring 2020

It is such a revelation what Sarah Burton created with this collection:

  • She got together her entire staff to hand-embroider two of the dresses

  • Central St. Martin students had hand-drawn one of the sketches that the team was embroidering

  • She upcycled fabrics from prior seasons, as well as reinvented old patterns from the house’s history

  • She worked with linen from Northern Ireland and made from flax grown at a female-owned farm

  • She created damask from the only remaining linen weaver in Ireland

  • The first dress that came down the runway was bleached by laying out in the sun

  • For the last outfit she used beetled lined from the last remaining beetler in Ireland (linen is covered in potato starch and then pounded)

I love that beyond focusing on sustainability, she also focused on another crucial aspect we are in the process of losing: community.

And in addition to all this, this collection is one of the most beautiful of the past few years. Poetic, but at the same time grounded and strong.