A Woman - Kate Moss

I remember when Karl Lagerfeld wrote in the introduction for Peter Lindbergh’s book 10 Women that of the women depicted in the book, probably only Kate Moss and Amber Valetta would have the key to the near future. At the time I thought that was absurd, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, and the others were at the height of their success, but Karl Lagerfeld, of course, proved to be right.

The shoot on the right is one of Kate Moss’ first shoots, photographed by Corinne Day in 1993.

There are quite a few extraordinary things about Kate Moss – an extreme sense of individualism, confidence. To enter the modeling world not representing at all the current type of beauty (of course, also being unusually short for the job) is quite something. Her legs are short, her teeth are crooked. She’s in no way perfect.

Interview with the young Kate:


She must have an amazing work ethic, otherwise, she wouldn’t have lasted as long as she has. She’s an entrepreneur, having launched her own fashion line (with Top Shop), make-up ( with Rimmel), and founded her own modeling agency. She’s scandal-immune (the cocaine-incident). And still not slowing down, even though she’s over 40.

In her work, you can always feel Kate Moss, even though I can’t think of a second model who is as versatile as she is.

These editorials are some of my favorites of her:

Mert & Marcus

Mert & Marcus

Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh

Chuck Close

Chuck Close


Kate as Marilyn, David bowie, Brigitte Bardot:


Going through her street style looks, I found basically two patterns:

1.    Skinny jeans +: simple tees, blazers, sweaters in neutral colors. Slouchy bags. The biker jacket is a staple.

2.    Flared jeans +: more bohemian blouses/tops, smaller vintage bags.

While mostly sticking to the neutral palette, she does throw in fun (for lack of a better word” patterns such as stars or dots, that you wouldn’t necessarily put into the “rocker/musician-cool” style corner.

For evening my favorite outfits on her are the simpler ones, love this black 70s channeling jumpsuit, and then the very girly, more playful yellow dress (again, a bit unexpected).


And I have to jump back to her 90s style: any of those outfits would look great today. The only thing vintage looking about these photographs is the young Johnny Depp.


Had to put this image in. Classic, right?