Florals for Summer

Florals for Summer


 I’ve never felt particularly drawn towards florals. In general, I’m not a big pattern person, I prefer the simplicity of solids. But, as of late, I open my closet and florals in all primary colors are smiling back at me. So as I am thinking about summer, and my summer wardrobe, I cannot ignore it. How did this happen? Mainly because of Rouje, a French label that is proposing an updated kind of vintage femininity, and that I am deeply in love with. It is the first time this pattern resonates with me, I can’t really pinpoint why, but so it is.

As I was looking through my wardrobe for this article, I found other interpretations of this pattern, very different from Rouje’s take, but nevertheless pieces I had picked up in spite of their ornamental nature. After taking a step back, I could roughly categorize my florals in 3 categories:

  1. The Bohemian

  2. The Vintage

  3. The Cerebral

Here are some thoughts and an example for each:

1)    The Bohemian


I have exactly one piece in this style.

While I love the shapes of the bohemian, very often the flowers are pushing it over the edge for me. I remember when I bought this Antik Batik dress. I remember being surprised that I felt drawn to it even though it wasn’t something I’d typically wear. I am still not sure why, but I love it.


2)    The Vintage


As mentioned above, I have a lot of dresses in this style now, but it can be all attributed to Rouje. This style has been a new influence for me, it is distinctly “old world,” I would say, and yes, vintage. Very much the sort of grandmotherly charm that you can also find in Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, which of course makes it ironically current. For me, it’s Rouje, but you can find these types of dresses in any vintage store I would imagine. What I find so interesting about this is how unapologetic feminine these are. I’ve lived in California and New York for so long, both upholding a very different kind of woman ideal. I think that’s what really took me in, embracing this kind of woman and marrying her to my lifestyle, values, and personality.


3)    The Cerebral


These two pieces were actually not pieces I thought about when writing this article. The shoes I’ve had for decades, and the coat for years. I’ve never worn either (wrong: I wore the shoes once). But I love them. I contemplated giving both away as I was doing my Marie Kondo tidying-up over the past 6 months. But both survived because they bring me joy. I’m serious. Even though these pieces have flower-patterns, they somehow don’t seem like they are. I know that doesn’t make sense, but they are not at all playful or light and breezy, or anything you’d connect with the sentiment of flowers. There is a seriousness about them. Something distinctly not-flowery. Don’t you think?

What is your stance on flower patterns?

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