Lisa Marie Fernandez (USA) - Bondish Beach Attire

Lisa Marie Fernandez (USA) - Bondish Beach Attire


I unfortunately became aware of Lisa Marie Fernandez towards the end of the summer, and so towards the end of the relevant season for her clothes (unless I will be able to spend the dark season in the southern hemisphere). She focuses exclusively on swimwear, and apparel that you would wear in the immediate surrounding of water - the ocean, the swimming pool, a lake maybe. Her swimwear is what immediately stood out to me: you can’t help but think of the early Bond Girls when you see these pieces. There is a lot of fabric involved in the designs, at least for the most part, and there are tiny jackets, skirts, and pants to complement the swimwear. You feel dressed somehow.

Her apparel is romantic, flowy, and airy, perfect to throw on after a day in the sun to go to happy hour. The color palette is bright, joyful, bold in rich yellow, red, and green hues. A part of her apparel options stick to the more structured 60s/Bond silhouette, with mostly short hemlines. The twist: the fabric. I particularly thought the terrycloth was a surprise. The material is very soft, will perfectly soak up any rest moisture from the skin after being in the ocean, and the cut is glamorous enough to let me be very comfortable in any bar/city/restaurant.

LIsa Marie Fernandez, portrait from a  W article

LIsa Marie Fernandez, portrait from a W article

Name: Lisa Marie Fernandez

  • Founder: Lisa Marie Fernandez

  • Country: USA

  • Website:

  • Price point: pieces start around $325

  • My favorite: I love her terrycloth pieces, as well as the buckle swimwear. All the swimwear that has a more retro-influence, uses lots of fabric, is something I so enjoy looking at.

  • Notes: Check out second-hand online sites for more affordability. All of her collections are timeless, so it really doesn’t matter what season they’re from.

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