September Selects

September Selects

I am not a huge fan of September. For me, it stands for the end of summer, and I love summer. It goes by too fast, and September reminds me that the dark season is near. Winter is coming (for those of us in the know know what that means). I also love summer dressing, I love the long days, and I also love the hot temperatures at night. But, having said this, I do very much enjoy the slightly lower temperatures (still above 20 Celsius), and adding some layering to my wardrobe. I also pay attention to wear dresses as much as possible because I very rarely wear dresses or skirts when it’s cold out.

These are the combinations and the favorite pieces that work for me right now:

1. Maxi Dress

I’ve been a fan of maxi dresses for quite some time, they give you freedom and make you look dressed without adding much else. Except for:

2. Maxi Dress + Leather Jacket

Jacket:  Nili Lotan

Jacket: Nili Lotan

A leather jacket. A perfect combination. Instant cool without putting much thought into anything.

3. Painter Pant + White Tee

T-shirt and pants:  Imogen + Willie  (the drop tee and fethiye pant)

T-shirt and pants: Imogen + Willie (the drop tee and fethiye pant)

I rarely wear pants during the summer, but now I’m adding them back into my rotation. But so far I am sticking mainly to lighter pieces of cotton and pushing back wearing denim as much as possible (since I’ll be wearing that nonstop come October).

4. Midi Skirt and Short Sleeve Sweater

Top and skirt:  Rouje

Top and skirt: Rouje

I wear this silhouette a lot. The flats provide the right balance to wear during the day for me. And I’ve just recently started to wear form-fitting tees/sweaters, which have opened up so many new styling options. I’ve always been a lose t-shirt person.

5. White Denim and Peasant Blouse

Blouse:  Nili Lotan , pants:  Acne

Blouse: Nili Lotan, pants: Acne

Carries the summer into September. And it’s too hot in August to wear denim.

6. Tank Top + Flare Jeans + Hoops

Top:  Rouje , jeans:  Nili Lotan , Hoops:  Kinn Studio

Top: Rouje, jeans: Nili Lotan, Hoops: Kinn Studio

A timeless summer outfit. However, this can only be worn for a very short time window: August: too hot for jeans. October: too cold for a tank top.

7. The Slip Dress

Slip:  Nili Lotan , bra:  Yasmine Eslami , shoes:  Miista

Slip: Nili Lotan, bra: Yasmine Eslami, shoes: Miista

To be honest, I haven’t worn a lot of slip dresses this season, even though they look always great. I am hoping for a couple of more warm days where I can wear these without boots and sweater. I do admit it’s a bit aspirational at this point but haven’t given up hope.


Iris & Romeo

Iris & Romeo