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Background: FanHero is a tech start-up that built a new fan engagement platform to help celebrities and influencers monetize their fanbase. The company offers its clients a customizable mobile application with a content stream similar to social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Revenue is generated through in app advertising and sponsorships, and shared with the client.


  1. The FanHero brand needed to be defined
  2. Create a social media strategy that
    • supports company goal of adding registered users to its platform
    • enables coverage of clients from different markets and verticals,


Company Blog: Hero Mag


Leveraged the universally appealing theme of heroism to:

  1. Incorporate a core brand value
  2. Create brand loyalty through editorial content beyond client promotion
  3. Enable client coverage from all verticals and markets

Monthly Changing Social Banners:


Social Media Strategy: Exploring the concept of heroism across multiple verticals with daily themes focusing on different facets.















HeroPoints: Used throughout social media to rate current events/headlines in regards to their "heroism."


Social media brand awareness campaigns:


Corporate explainer video "Who We Are":


FanHero Client Work

Background: FanHero's business model is based on a revenue share with its clients of all revenue generated through the mobile app.

Challenge: Support the clients with content strategies that:

  1. Convert their fanbase to their app
  2. Maintain high retention rates/long session length
  3. Leverage client events for optimum in app exposure

Solution: Creation of custom content strategies for each client, covering the launch, cross-promotional campaigns, in-app content ideation, and sponsored content opportunities.

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Sports                    Youtubers                    Music


Country rap artist. Signed by Warner Music.

In app content:

The Big Smo Show Season 3 (season 1 and 2 ran on A&E):


The Tour Life - daily livestreams while on tour (57+ episodes)


Facebook cross promotional photo posts:

ab de villiers

South African rugby player. One of the best batsmen of all times and holder of multiple records.

In-App Content Series:

Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:

Sport Club Corinthians paulista

2nd most popular soccer team in Brazil with over 30 million supporters.

In app content series:


Facebook cross promotional video posts:


Branding collateral:

CR Vasco da gama

One of the top five Brazilian soccer clubs with over 20 million supporters.

In app content:

Sponsored Content Series:

Client: Babbel

Objective: Brand awareness

Platforms: Mobile application, YouTube

Concept: 4-part interview series with Vasco players about their experiences being in a country whose language they don't speak

Results: 68k views in-app and on YouTube channel (210k channel subscriber s)


Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:

Marcelo Vieira (Real Madrid)

Best left back soccer player in the world.

Branding collateral:


Facebook cross promotional video and photo posts:

Enchufe TV

Ecuadorian Youtube comedy channel with 17 million subscribers.

In app content series:

Facebook cross promotional video:


Saracens Football CLub

English professional rugby unions team. Two time winner of the European Rugby Champions Cup (2016/2017).

In-app content:


Facebook cross promotional photo and video posts:

Felipe Neto

Brazilian Youtuber. 26th most subscribed Youtube channel. 22 million subscribers.

Launch - livestream started on Youtube and transferred over to the app. Most watched in-app livestream of a non-sporting event ever.


Netmoji app: Custom emojis as an additional revenue stream (1st custom emoji for a YouTuber)

Branding collateral:

Africa's Team

First African bike team to qualify for the Tour de France.

Branding collateral:

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.32.48 AM.png

In app content series:

Highlights of Daily Tour Progress

Team Feedback on Tour Stages

Support Team Interviews

Zezé di Camargo e Luciano

One of the best-selling Brazilian country duos of all time with more than 16 million records sold.

Launch - livestream of acoustic performance:


In app content series:

DJ Fresh

South Africa's most popular radio host and dj.

In app content series:


Interview Series

Branding collateral:

Orlando City Soccer CLub

US Major League soccer team.

In app content:

App launch collateral: Downloadable player paper doll

Viih Tube

Brazilian YouTuber. 5.5 million subscribers.

In app content series: