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FanHero Client Work

Background: FanHero's business model is based on a revenue share with its clients of all revenue generated through the mobile app.

Challenge: Support the clients with content strategies that:

  1. Convert their fanbase to their app
  2. Maintain high retention rates/long session length
  3. Leverage client events for optimum in app exposure

Solution: Creation of custom content strategies for each client, covering the launch, cross-promotional campaigns, in-app content ideation, and sponsored content opportunities.

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Felipe Neto

Brazilian Youtuber. 26th most subscribed Youtube channel. 22 million subscribers.

Launch - livestream started on Youtube and transferred over to the app. Most watched in-app livestream of a non-sporting event ever.


Netmoji app: Custom emojis as an additional revenue stream (1st custom emoji for a YouTuber)

Branding collateral:


Enchufe TV

Ecuadorian Youtube comedy channel with 17 million subscribers.

In app content series:

Facebook cross promotional video:



Viih Tube

Brazilian YouTuber. 5.5 million subscribers.

In app content series: